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Sunday, 13 April 2014

MUA Ever After Matte Palette Review

Hi Everyone,

My review today is on MUA (Makeup Academy Professional) Ever After Matte Palette. MUA is not a brand I am familiar with and this palette was given to me as an Easter present. I believe, feel free to correct me if I am wrong, that these products are stocking in Superdrug. As far as I am aware this makeup brand is cheap, so I thought I would go into this open minded and see what the product was like. 

The palette contains 10 nude shades of matte eyeshadow and promises a cashmere soft finish. My first impression of the colours was good. I love nude eyeshadows and this contained a lot of usable colours. 

So from the Top going right we have; (1) Unwrap, (2) Butter, (3) Bare, (4) Taffeta, (5) Fade, (6) Penny, (7) China, (8) Truffle, (9) Fog & (10) Smoke. 

(1) Unwrap - is a creamy nude tone, useful to highlight your brow bone or to dot in the corner of your eye.
(2) Butter - is a yellowy sandy shade, almost a light beige.
(3) Bare - is a light pink with a warm undertone.
(4) Taffeta - is a bright light pink with a cool undertone.
(5) Fade - is a light chocolaty brown.
(6) Penny - is a darker brown in reminds me exactly of the colour of a 2 pence piece, hence the name.
(7) China, is a dark pinky brown with a warm undertone.
(8) Truffle - is a dark rich brown colour.
(9) Fog - is a dark blue / grey.
(10) Smoke - is a dark black tone.

I swatched all colours firstly on their own and then with Elf Cream Eyeshadow duo in Cream to act as a primer. I did this as the colours where pretty much none existent without a base coat.

As you can see from the top picture, the colours do not really show up at all without a base coat or primer. The pigmentation is very poor. Even with the base coat underneath some of the colours are still very hard to see, Taffeta for example (second from the bottom) is pretty none existent.

The darker colours have more pigmentation in this palette, they all show up pretty well in the swatches without the base coat and very well with it. I am happier with these colours than those on the top row.

Colour: The colours on the top row and very poor and do not show up well at all. However, the colours on the bottom row are very pigmented and work well as nude colours. 

Price: I believe these are around £4 each to buy and you get what you would expect for the price. The colour pigmentation is rather poor and the eyeshadow are not the best quality making them quite hard to work with.

Overall: I think you get what you pay for with these palettes and unfortunately that is not quality. The colours in the bottom row that were quite pigmented do not really make up for the lack of pigmentation in the top row. I found the eyeshadows cakey and hard to work with. I did manage one look (see below) but I don't think I will be using this palette too much.

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