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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Elf Duo Eyeshadow Cream and Powder Review

Hi Everyone,

So today I thought I would do a review on Elf's Duo Eyeshadow in Cream and Powder form. I discovered Elf whilst browsing videos YouTube. I must admit at first I was a bit sceptical, but for the price (£1.95) I thought it was worth a try. So I ordered some of their Duo Eyeshadows, 2 Cream and 2 Powder. 

Elf Duo Eyeshadow Cream:  I ordered Butter Pecan & Coffee & Cream: I liked the look of these two shades as I like to wear neutral tones on my eyes and thought that the white shade in the Coffee & Cream duo would look good as inner corner highlighter.

Elf Duo Eyeshadow: I ordered Butter Pecan & Berry Mix: I chose these shades as I wanted the powder shadows to match the Butter Pecan cream shadows and I liked the light pinky shade in the Berry Mix duo.

On the left are the powder swatches, the Berry Mix colours at the top and the Butter Pecan Colours at the bottom and on the right hand side there is the Coffee & Cream cream swatches at the top and the Butter Pecan swatches at the bottom.

As you can see the colour pay off is not really anything to shout about. You can barely see any of the colour in the powder duos! Even with the cream eyeshadows the pigmentation is definitely lacking.

Colour Pay Off: The colour pay off of both of these types of Elf Duo Eyeshadows is poor. The products are lacking in pigmentation and therefore do not give the desired effect. HOWEVER, if you use the cream shadows as a base and apply the powder on top the colour pay off is quite extraordinary in comparison (see below):

The Berry mix, pink tinge shows through with the Cream colour as a base and the Pecan on the bottom is a gorgeous shimmer brown. I think this is the true beauty behind these products! They should be sold as a Cream and Powder duo so that they can be used in combination like this!

Price: At £1.95 per duo these eyeshadows are cheap and in a way you get what you pay for. However, if you combine the cream and powder shadows you can get high quality pigmentation for a fraction of the normal price.

Longevity: These eyeshadows on their own do not last very long at all. The cream eyeshadows seem to melt away before your eyes and settle in any crease they can find and the powder shadows just look none existent by the end of the day. However, using the cream eyeshadows as bases you can get the shadows to last an entire day. This is my eyeshadow at the end of a full day!

As you can see the cream shadow has helped to hold on the shimmer and colour of the other eyeshadows. I think this is the true use of these cream eyeshadows.

Overall: Believe it or not I would recommend these eyeshadows BUT I would only recommend using the Cream and Powder forms together. These eyeshadows simply do not seem to work on their own. If you are still unsure I would recommend buying a Cream eyeshadow duo to try as an eyebase / primer. At £1.95 you can't really go wrong for a long lasting primer.

Although these eyeshadows were not really what I expected, I did find another use for them and now find myself reaching for one at least once or twice a week.

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