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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel in Ginger Melon

Hi Everyone,

Today my review is on the brand new nail enamel by Revlon. It's called Revlon Parfumerie and is a scented nail polish. There are 24 different shades; Wintermint, Beachy, Fresh Linen, Tropical Rain, Orange Blossom, Wild Violets, African Tea Rose, China Flower, Chocolate Truffle, Italian Leather, Autumn Spice, Bordeaux, Apricot Nectar, Ginger Melon, Pink Pineapple, Lime Basil, Sunlight Grass, Lavender Soap, Powder Puff, Surf Spray, Balsam Fir, Moonlight Woods, Espresso & Spun Sugar.

I intended to test three different colours and scents and purchase these on the 3 for 2 deal that was on at Boots. However, the one near me did not have the scents I wanted to buy apart from one. So I brought the Ginger Melon colour to test. 

Colour: This colour is a vibrant melon reddy, coral, pink colour. It's very hard to explain but if you think of the inside of a watermelon, this is the exact colour. 

Application: I had to apply two thick coats on polish to each nail to cover without any streaks. Many people have said it took them three coats to achieve an even colour. So I suggest using slightly thicker coats when applying. On Revlon's site they suggest using a base coat first, this may help the colour to apply more evenly.

Scent: The scent is exactly like melon in my opinion, sort of a tropical melon smell. I love it! I don't really get a ginger scent coming through.

Overall: I love this nail polish! As you can see from the above pictures, it is a vibrant colour and very shiny once applied. The scent is long lasting (I can still smell faint fruity melon after 4 days of wear). The formula is long lasting too, I have my first chip after the forth day, which I think is pretty good going.

I would recommend these nail polishes and I will be buying the Apricot Nectar and Pink Pineapple scents as soon as they have them in Boots.

If you buy these let me know of your experiences with any of the other scents :)


  1. What a beautiful fresh for spring/summer.
    Lovely review!

    Keisha xo

  2. Thanks for reading Keisha :) x