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Monday, 10 March 2014

Avon Moroccan Argan Oil

I am serious when I say that everybody should own this little miracle bottle!

Avon Advanced Techniques 360 Nourishment
Moroccan Argan Oil
Leave in Treatment

I had  been using the shine serum by Avon and was a huge fan of it, so I thought I would try this Moroccan Argan oil by Avon too, as I have watched numerous YouTube videos and read a lot of reviews online about the benefits of Argan Oil. These include; calming frizzy ends, adding moisture
& Shine.

I bleached my hair not that long ago and have had trouble trying to keep moisture in my hair. This is the perfect remedy for this. One pump of this oil through my hair when wet is enough to keep my hair silky, soft and shiny all day long. It has never made my hair feel greasy like some other oils I have tried and I will definitely be purchasing it again when this one runs out!

I now use this every day without fail and have noticed a remarkable difference in my hair. Here are some pictures of my hair after a full day in the office, as you can see my hair is still super shiny.

I absolutely love this hair oil and I urge you all to buy it and see the benefits for yourself!


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    1. No its not 100% Argan Oil it's a hair treatment with Argan oil and vitamin E. It contains a far few silicones but my hair works well with it :)