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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Avon Colour Attract Magnetic Nail Polish

As an Avon representative I saw these new nail polishes and immediately wanted to try them out. They all have shimmer in them and there are 4 different wand designs to use to create patterns. I brought the polish in Fuchsia Force and the Star and Diagonal stripped designs.

This is the first time I have had the opportunity to try out this nail polish. I did each nail one by one with the wands and loved the final effect. I used the diagonal stripe wand on all fingers apart from my ring finger, where I used the star one. I think the star one didn't work very well, but will have to try again another day!

I love the final effect!

Value: I would say that these nail polishes are excellent value for money and help you to achieve an interesting look.

Colour: I absolutely love this colour and I wasn't sure I would like colour once the magnetic wand had been applied but I like the contrast between light and dark. 

Overall: I love this nail polish and think I will have to invest in some of the other wands to create other designs. It gives your nails a unique look. The only think I dislike is the texture of my nails after use, they are almost velvety, but this is nothing that cant be sorted out with a clear top coat. I would recommend these to anyone!

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