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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Avon Eyeliner Review - Colour Trend Pencil Play Eyeliner, Supershock Gel Eyeliner & Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner

Today's review is on a small selection of Avon's eye liners including; a Colour Trend Pencil Play Eyeliner in White, a Supershock Gel Eyeliner in Plumful and a Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner in Emerald Glow. I chose these colours as I wanted something dark but not black to liner my bottom lashes. I often find that black looks a little too harsh on my eyes so wearing a pop of colour makes all the difference. I also wanted to purchase a white eyeliner to use in my waterline to open up my eyes and brighten this whole area!

So, first things first, price! The Colour Trend eyeliner is incredibly cheap and you can pick these up online or from your local Avon Representative for £3.00. For the other two ranges, the Supershock and Glimmerstick Diamonds eyeliners are £6. Which is still a very reasonably price for an eyeliner. 

Avon Colour Trend Eyeliner: White

This eyeliner promises to 'define your peepers without pulling or dragging' and boasts a 'super smooth formula'. I agree with this statement by Avon wholeheartedly these eyeliners are incredibly soft and smooth and glide onto my waterline or lower lash line with ease. I don't feel any pull whatsoever when applying and end up with a very bright white line. This is exactly what I was looking for with this product and it provides a very professional looking finish. For only £3 this eyeliner is a steal. I think I will be purchasing more of their colour range soon! 

With regards to staying power, this eyeliner will last for around 4-6 hours without any smudging! After this time it tends to start fading in the inner and outer corner of my waterline but is easy fixed with another quick application.

Value: 5/5
Longevity: 3/5
Colour Pay Off: 5/5
Formula: 4/5

Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner: Plumful

This eyeliner is 'formulated with 20% liquid gel to smoothly create a flawless line everytime'. This eyeliner is definitely creamier than the Colour Trend versions. It glides on super smoothly and doesn't smudge throughout the day. I often find when wearing darker liners that by then end of the day everything has migrated onto my eye and into the outer corner. Which is not an attractive look. This eyeliner is very different. It has great staying power and once dry even  rubbing it with you finger does not shift the colour one little bit! It clings to your lash line perfectly.

Having said that it comes off easily with a normal eye makeup remover, so you get the best of both worlds. A liner that lasts all day long and does not hurt your eyes to remove. These eyeliners cost £6 each which is very reasonable for such a high quality liner.

Value: 5/5
Longevity: 5/5
Colour Pay Off: 5/5
Formula: 5/5

Avon Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner: Emerald Glow

This eyeliner is slightly different in that it is a retractable liner which is self sharpening. I like this aspect as it cuts out on all the mess I create when sharpening eyeliners (I am extremely messy when it comes to this task!)

The formula is similar to the Supershock Eyeliner in consistency, it is very creamy and feels soft to apply. You can also wear this liner all day like the Supershock version, however I find that it does loose its vibrancy throughout the day.

The one huge selling point for me on these eyeliners though is the glimmer aspect. These liners include flecks of glitter which reflect in the light. I love this look, it provides a bit of extra depth to your eye makeup.

Value: 5/5
Longevity: 4/5
Colour Pay Off: 4/5
Formula 4/5


I think you can clearly tell from the above reviews that the Supershock Gel Eyeliner is a stand out winner. It is great value for money, it lasts all day long with no smudging, the colour is incredibly pigmented and it has a lovely smooth and creamy consistency.

I am a huge fan of all of these eyeliners and will be purchasing more very shortly.

Let me know if you have first hand experience of these eyeliners as I love to hear your views.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. These look fab! I love the white in your water really opens up your eyes.

    Keisha xo

    1. Thanks for reading :) I usually mix the darker on the bottom lashes and white in the waterline then you get the best of both worlds :) x

  2. Avon do some really good make-up products but it's not a brand that we tend to hear much about in the blogosphere these days. The white eyeliner looks and sounds amazing and let's be honest, any eyeliner that can stay on your waterline for up to 6 hours is a rare find indeed!

    I'm really enjoying your blog and have followed with Bloglovin' so I can stay up-to-date with your posts :-)

    The Miss Beauty Saver Blog

  3. Hi Hannah thank you for your kind words. It's nice to hear that people are enjoying the content you have on your blog. I will be sure to keep you informed of any new products in the Avon range as they really are often overlooked :)