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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Avon Gel Finish Nail Enamel

I am in love with this new Avon Gel finish nail enamel. It came today with my delivery and I couldn't resist trying it straight away. The nail polish promises 5 benefits in 1. These include;

  • Gel-like shine: High gloss finish that strengthens nails by up to 42%.
  • No need for top or base coat: Top coat, base coat and intense colour in one bottle.
  • Intense Colour: Full coverage and rich colour in just one coat.
  • No UV Lamp: Gives a gel like finish without the need for UV lamps.
  • Salon Finish at Home: For that impeccable, just stepped out of the salon finish, without the price tag.
Avon's Gel Finish Nail Enamel
Royal Vendetta

After one use of this nail polish I can see I am going to have a serious addiction on my hands. I used two coats, however, one thick coat would have sufficed. It feels beautiful on my nails and has a silky smooth touch. It has such shine and is just beautiful!

This new range comes in 24 different shades and I have already selected at least 12 that I need in my life right now! There are bright colours, dark shades and pastel shades to choose from.

Colour: The nail polish promises intense colour and that is exactly what you get. This blue comes out the same as in the bottle only with high shine! What more could you ask for!

Texture: I thought that this nail polish might be gloopy and thick. But it didn't feel this way at all when applying and the finished feel is smooth.

Price: As this is an Avon product it is pretty inexpensive and will retail at £3.50 initially a bargain for such a quality finish!

Overall: I am so impressed with this nail polish. I will be buying lots more over the next few months and experimenting with their colour range. I love the way this nail polish looks and feels!


  1. The blue is gorgeous. Glad that you had such a good experience. I had no idea Avon sold nail polish. I'll definitely need to check that out!

    May from La Vie en May

    1. Hi La Vie En May,

      I'm glad you enjoyed the review! These are by far the best nail polishes that Avon have produced so far. I will be buying as many of the 24 shades as possible. It lasted 4 days with no chips!! :)